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① Backtagging: Yes, please! I can be slow, for which I apologize beforehand. I am also open to nudges, in cases of extreme slowness, so feel free to note me.
② Threadhopping: Probably fine, just ask first.
③ Comments in Subject line? Sure, why not?
④ Anything you do not want mentioned around this character || Fourth Wall Breakage: Generally no fourthwalling except in cases of crack, but otherwise, go ahead. It is fine for characters who would know it to mention his future.
⑤ Offensive subjects? Please, no OOC bigotry. Also, where shipping memes are concerned, in case it comes up, I don't wish to thread anything inappropriate with Sakura or Rin. Platonic only for them. And of-age partners only. Thanks!


① Hugging this character: Yes!
② Kissing this character: See above. He might will be awkward, but don't let that stop you.
③ Flirting with this character: Please do.
④ Fighting with this character: Should be fine, but check first for anything serious.
⑤ Punching this character (provided they can fight back): He can sort of fight back, but check first.
⑥ Injuring/killing/etc. this character: He's already in bad shape, but I'm not necessarily adverse. Just ask first (unless it's in a meme where that's obviously the point, then go ahead).
⑦ Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, I doubt he's difficult to read.
⑧ Triggers: N/A
⑨ Medical info: I usually play him from a canon point at which he is full of awful, parasitic, magical worms. These come with many problems. However, I am more than happy to play him from a no-worms time period ([personal profile] wormless) or AU! Just ask.

Note: As Kariya is full of parasitic worms and basically being eaten from within, bloody imagery and elements of body horror may arise. If you would like for me to avoid this in tags with you, it's not a problem! Just let me know here.
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Kariya's communication pendant takes the form of a nondescript chunk of gray rock. It might as well be a piece of gravel someone attached to a silver chain.
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1. A change of clothes
2. A spare hoodie
3. A picture of himself with Aoi, Rin, and Sakura, in happier times
4. A camera, with film
5. Extra blankets
6. A first aid kit


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